WEAR IT Festival Berlin

Posted by René Bohne on 6/14/18 12:24 PM

Wear It Festival on 19 and 20 June 2018 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin brings together the most successful innovators in the Wearables and E-textile industry to present a new generation of digital clothing.

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With data as the “new oil”, we should all aspire to be Norway

Posted by Lars Heidemann on 5/24/18 6:14 PM

By any measure, Norway is a small country. They are a country of only just over five million inhabitants. Due to luck, a huge wealth of natural resources was discovered within their territory. Through good planning Norway has been able to parley the extreme good fortune of local oil resources into a social system which has benefitted all of their citizens. It’s not surprising that as a result Norway has one of the highest happiness scores in the world.

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Why Android Developers Should Get on Board the IoT Revolution

Posted by Paul Aragones on 4/18/18 1:01 PM

IoT and the Android World

When IoT came on the scene some years back, there were a lot of concerns raised about whether this would kill or lessen the use of mobile technology. But it turns out that this was the complete opposite of what was about to happen. IoT has come to rely heavily on mobile technology. Tracking Sensors are using mobile phones to communicate with their devices. Smart locks are using BLE technology through smartphones to lock and unlock devices.

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Geeny Connected Living Challenge: The Votes are In

Posted by Karolina on 1/31/18 2:01 PM

Earlier this year, together with the Innovation World Cup Series®, we created the Connected Living Challenge powered by Geeny to search for great new solutions and projects that improve lifestyle, health, fitness and everything else that might make consumers' lives more connected and digital.

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Geeny Goes Codemash and Back

Posted by Stefan on 1/22/18 2:00 PM

"We're going to Ohio!!" My colleague Joelle said as she looked up from her computer screen and smiled at me. "We are going to Ohio!"
"OK, cool," I said. "What are we going to do in Ohio?"

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13 Last Minute IoT Gifts that will blow your mind

Posted by Karolina on 12/22/17 1:41 PM

Only 2 days left till Christmas and you still haven’t gotten a single gift? We got you covered. With Geeny’s, curated smart gift ideas you can never go wrong, as they will literally blow your mind.

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IoT for Christmas: your own DIY kit

Posted by Karolina on 12/21/17 4:00 PM

Christmas is a time when we reunite with our loved ones. What if you live on the other side of the globe or are stuck on a work project away from home? Why not use the latest technology to feel closer to your friends and family.

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Exploring IoT data and compatibility

Posted by Hanna on 12/14/17 5:00 PM

Imagine it’s early morning and you wake up. Your fitness tracker had time to inform your coffee machine how to prepare your coffee (strong since you had a short night), and a smart light in the kitchen turns to shining yellow to let you know the weather will be sunny today.

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Learnings from the Geeny's first internal hackathon

Posted by Diego on 12/5/17 2:00 PM

Last Wednesday we finally had an opportunity to run our very first internal hackathon that helped us learn more about the platform and how we work together. Not only we ended up with 4 amazing demos but we got to work with people from other teams and we had a lot of fun!

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QA: best practices in IoT

Posted by Nils Balkow-Tychsen on 11/28/17 4:00 PM

On Wednesday the 29th of November I’m going to talk at the ASQF Quality Day Berlin about implementing test strategies for Geeny, our consumer IoT cloud platform.

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