IoT for Christmas: your own DIY kit

Posted by Karolina on 12/21/17 4:00 PM
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pablo (10).pngChristmas is a time when we reunite with our loved ones. What if you live on the other side of the globe or are stuck on a work project away from home? Why not use the latest technology to feel closer to your friends and family.

Use Geeny and Develco to create your own Christmas IoT DIY kit. Let your loved ones know that you think about them by linking your Christmas tree lights.

What do you need:

  • Hackathon kit (Develco) available on GitHub
  • Develco smart home starter kit (2 or more, depending on the number of Christmas trees you want to connect)
  • Geeny developer account: you can create one here (it's free!)IoT for Christmas Schematic.png

How to proceed:

  • Follow instructions on GitHub to set up your Develco Kit
  • Use Geeny’s HomeSmartHome app to connect the devices
  • Use Geeny documentation to get familiar with the platform
  • Set up the logic behind the smart lights (see schematics)
  • Share Develco kits with your loved ones
  • Connect and light up your Christmas!

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