13 Last Minute IoT Gifts that will blow your mind

Posted by Karolina on 12/22/17 1:41 PM
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nullOnly 2 days left till Christmas and you still haven’t gotten a single gift? We got you covered. With Geeny’s, curated smart gift ideas you can never go wrong, as they will literally blow your mind.

Hiku: Your dad always forgets half of his shopping list? Get him a little kitchen companion, hiku lives in a kitchen, scans barcodes, recognizes voice commands and creates shared digital shopping lists whenever one might need them.

Hiku the kitchen companionsource: hiku.us

Basslet: Perfect gift for any music lover. First watch that delivers music directly to your body. Worth a try.

The Basslet.jpgsource: Kickstarter

Gymwatch: Perfect for any fitness nut or your friend that is trying to lose weight but fails miserably. Gymwatch is a scientific partner for efficient weight training.

Gymwatch.jpgsource: Wareable

Vitastiq: Do you have a friend that is constantly worried about their health? Shops only in eco store and swears off gluten? Get them a Vitastiq, a little pen combined with an app that will make sure they are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

Vitastiq.pngsource: Indiegogo

Nokē: No more fumbling for keys. A biker friend will love their new bluetooth enabled U-lock.

Noke.jpgsource: eboow.com

Joule: Do you have an avid cook in the family? Give them a gift of perfect steaks all the time, every time. Joule is the world's smallest, smartest, and sexiest sous vide tool, perfect for sous vide novices and experts alike.

Joule.jpgsource: digitaltrends.com

Drop Scale: Baking holiday cookies always ends in a disaster? Not with this smart scale, which makes baking and cooking foolproof. Just add the ingredients, follow the Scale's intrusctions and soon your home will smell delicious!

Drop Scale.jpgsource: Business Insider

Xiaomi Smart Cube: Control your home with the roll of a dice. Xiaomi Mi Cube is a perfect gift for any smart home aficionado. With just 6 movements, it controls each and every smart home device.

Xiaomi Smart Cube.jpgsource: GearBest

Senic Nuimo: Another hit for smart home fans. Nuimo lets you group and control your favorite things with a simple touch. All that without having to use a phone.

Nuimo.jpgsource: Postscapes

Tile: Find everything, everywhere. We all know that one person who can never find their wallet or keys. Tile will become their best friend.

Tile.jpgsource: SlashGear

Tado: For all those who are always cold. With tado they can personalise temperature for every moment of every day to suit their needs.

Tado.jpgsource: digitaltrends.com

Nuki: A smart lock that actually works. We recommend it for anyone that never remembers if the door is closed or does not have the gutts to ask their ex to give them back the keys.

Nuki.pngsource: nuki.io

Nello: Got a friend who never gets their packages delivered? Gift them Nello. Nello lets you unlock your apartment building door for midday deliveries, pizza guys or your house cleaners. 

Nello.jpgsource: Smart-Wohnen.de

Did you know that all these devices could be even so much smarter if they could talk to each other? The Geeny platform is doing exactly that. It allows you to mix and match all smart devices, retain access and control over your data and enjoy the best IoT experience possible.

Are you a maker? Use Geeny to create an IoT DIY kit as a gift. 

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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