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Posted by Hanna on 12/14/17 5:00 PM
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pablo (5).pngImagine it’s early morning and you wake up. Your fitness tracker had time to inform your coffee machine how to prepare your coffee (strong since you had a short night), and a smart light in the kitchen turns to shining yellow to let you know the weather will be sunny today.

Open IoT ecosystems, where smart devices can talk with each other, come with great opportunities but also with a great problem: no matter how similar the purpose of the product is, many devices produce tons of data that often comes in different formats. What happens is that a simple use case such as sending a command to your coffee machine, becomes a much more complex project, depending on the number of fitness trackers and coffee machines you want to support.

To solve this problem without using data mediation, Geeny introduced a new data abstraction called message types. Imagine how easy it can be: you choose a message type and by default you’re supporting multiple smart devices. If developers and businesses get access to more statistics, for example on the popularity of a message type, we strongly believe a standard will evolve over time and help us to create a truly open ecosystem.

To allow this abstraction, we’ve built the data explorer - a product that lets hardware manufacturers browse available things and messages types to make use of them or create new ones. A software engineer can then find out what is available on the market and choose what message type their apps will support. By choosing a single message type they can support multiple devices right away.

To access all this information, we created the data explorer to provide an overview of data available on the Geeny platform and we would love to get feedback on what you are looking for in such a feature. In future we plan to add popularity indexes and some analytics.

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