Geeny Connected Living Challenge: The Votes are In

Posted by Karolina on 1/31/18 2:01 PM
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170308_IWC_Banner_SP_ Geeny 679 x 350.pngEarlier this year, together with the Innovation World Cup Series®, we created the Connected Living Challenge powered by Geeny to search for great new solutions and projects that improve lifestyle, health, fitness and everything else that might make consumers' lives more connected and digital.

After rounds of submissions and long internal discussions, five amazing finalists emerged among more than 940 contestants:

  • Neurotech Fashion Project by Joanna Hir & MuArts (Poland/Portugal)
    The designer Joanna Hir, teamed up with MuArts, a brain-computer-interface company, to create accessories linking braintech with fashion design.
  • BrighTap by BrighTap/Bwareit (Israel)
    The water meter sensor and WAD – Water consumption and quality analytics data platform that, attached to any standard water tap, pipe or hose, transforms them into a smart device.
  • Tip Crop Oasis by Tip Crop (United Kingdom)
    The stylish and modular food computer designed to grow fresh microgreens, mushrooms and medicinal plants in an easy, fun and enriching way.
  • Smart Lamp by Luke Roberts GmbH (Austria)
    The world’s first smart design lamp that allows you to move the light in any direction without moving the lamp.
  • Al Bicchiere by beexlab srl (Italy)
    The smart dispenser with IoT functions for wine in bag, including a mobile app and an e-commerce platform, addressing some of the limitations of the consumption of bottled wine.

These talented teams had the opportunity to pitch their ideas live onstage yesterday during the Wearable Tech Conference in Munich before the winner was announced. And the official winner of our Connected Living Challenge is Neurotech Fashion Project by Joanna Hir & MuArts!


Neurotech is in

Joanna Hir is a London-based fashion designer, costume designer and fashion stylist. She has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including KTZ, Sony Music, Universal Music, BBC, Rita Ora, Little Mix, Wiz Khalifa, Duran Duran, Viktoria Modesta, among others.

In 2017, Joanna created and launched her fashion tech collection Vision Quest, created in collaboration with ElektroCouture and neurotech fashion accessories created in collaboration with MuArts, a brain-computer-interface company.

Her neurotech accessories use EEG technology, which allows users to track their brain states and understand how external stimuli impacts them or what kind of triggers make them less or more engaged.

The technique used in the product, called enlightenment engineering, aims to enhance human potential and heal some aspects of human psyche with the help of wearable technology. It it said to reduce anxiety and depression or increase focus and relaxation. 

The users are able to control all the tech (on and around them) with their mind. The tech has been programmed to activate by brain activity and change light modes depending on the user's concentration level. For example, to flash when the user is more concentrated, and to be steady when the user is calm.

Find out more about the project here:

We want to congratulate all the participants in the Connected Living Challenge and look forward to all the upcoming IoT projects that will be built using the Geeny platform.

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