Do you need an IoT platform?

Posted by Diego on 11/21/17 4:00 PM

Let’s imagine that you are working on a new, revolutionary product that leverages cheap semiconductors that are connected to the internet (IoT).

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An Introduction to Geeny Formulas

Posted by Brian Lemke on 11/10/17 3:20 PM

With the recent launch of Geeny’s Formula Deployment feature, developers can now push their applications to our platform and use our APIs to consume data streams from a variety of connected devices — even if they don’t know about each other.

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The Pain of IoT Data

Posted by Diego on 11/2/17 1:00 PM

Shared pain brings people together. It comes as no surprise that I felt quite sympathetic reading "IoT is easy... they said". At least we aren't alone! In the article, the founder from talks about trying integrate data from wearables and failing because his team assumed that sensor data is like any other data they had handled before. What my development experience at Geeny taught me is that building an IoT platform is nothing like my other “scalable CRUD-as-a-product” experiences.

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The similarities between the GDPR and Geeny: take full control over your personal data.

Posted by Timo on 10/24/17 4:00 PM

The right to be informed? The right to be forgotten? The right to object? The right to data portability? Privacy by design? Privacy by default?

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To CLI or to GUI

Posted by Diego on 10/19/17 4:00 PM

Programmers love flame wars. One topic that often stokes the flames is the question of whether to use a command line interface (CLI) or a graphical user interface (GUI). All of the combatants have plenty of reasons for which one provides the superior experience.

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Explaining IoT to your Parents

Posted by Julius Patzelt on 8/10/17 11:54 AM

After my fourthjob interview at Geeny and finally clinching that coveted position, it suddenly dawned upon me that the even bigger challenge still laid ahead of me. I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents when they asked me what exactly it is that I’m going to be doing at work. 

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Unlock IoT data and unleash the potential of IoT

Posted by Hanna on 7/31/17 4:07 PM

 Forecasts for the consumer IoT sector have long promised huge amounts of data coming from new and glitzy smart consumer devices. From smart light bulbs and smart locking systems to our beloved fitness trackers, most of these devices have already become a part of our daily lives. So why hasn't the sector boomed? 

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How to create your very first MVP - AKA It’s time for the Geeny Alpha launch

Posted by Gerrit on 7/25/17 11:02 PM

The MVP is the “Most Valuable Player” of a game or of the play-off season. Mostly, MVPs are honored in any type of American sports such as the NBA, NHL and NFL. Recently, other sports such as football have taken the same approach for some special games, i.e. in the Champions League.

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The classic IoT problem: Agile or Waterfall

Posted by Marc Cyr on 6/28/17 5:15 PM

Find the best methodology for your digital product.

Have you ever found yourself asking this question:

"How do I keep on innovating when I have to interact with mature and sometimes overwhelming waterfall* processes of my customers or my mother company?"

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How to successfully run and measure your crowdfunding campaign

Posted by Karolina on 6/2/17 5:13 PM

Ready to face the music and validate your innovative idea? You might want to consider running a crowdfunding campaign. It is a great way to simultaneously raise money and conduct market research.

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