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Posted by Nils Balkow-Tychsen on 11/28/17 4:00 PM
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QA Best Practices.pngOn Wednesday the 29th of November I’m going to talk at the ASQF Quality Day Berlin about implementing test strategies for Geeny, our consumer IoT cloud platform.

My talk will focus on how to customize a test strategy to fit your needs and overcome some of the obstacles which can be encountered when trying to implement QA best practices.

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One year ago in November 2016 I started at Geeny as the first employee fully dedicated to Quality Assurance. Since then many challenges had to be mastered to implement sufficient testing process in place.

I will highlight some of the basic needs of testing processes as well as put them together to be able to execute a full blown test strategy.

Talking about many QA best practices for IoT, Microservice architecture and sharing a ton of useful tools and process recommendations, I hope to support other QA experts who are in similar situations.

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Building a solid test pyramid will help define your test strategy and guide you through the different layers of testing. Each layer provides a foundation to the layer above in order to provide a high quality outcome that fits the expectations of your stakeholders.

But implementing a test strategy is never simple as there are many prerequisites which have to be met. In short:

  1. Fitting tools and processes need to be in place
  2. You’ll need a QA team you can rely on
  3. Your stakeholders need to understand their need for quality
  4. Automate what you can in order to excel in testing
  5. Make sure you have a dedicated test environment to ensure clean test results

In order to achieve the above, QA needs to do more than just testing. One way is to build strong allies for QA in your organization to ensure continuous support for your test strategy and implementation.

If you are a QA expert working in IoT organisation, here is a list of tools you might find a use of:

  1. Crowd Testing services such as Applause or test IO 
  2. Zephyr, a fully in Jira integrated test management tool
  3. API test scripting with Postman (and Newman)
  4. The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit
  5. Collection of Pen-Testing Tools
  6. OWASP ZAP for Selenium based UI test scripts
  7. Gatling for load testing
  8. Pact for consumer driven contract testing

For those looking to improve their skills, I'm happy to recommend a list of best practice articles:

  1. Testing Strategies in a Microservice Architecture by Martin Fowler
  2. Software testing inverted ice cream cone with cream on top (anti-pattern) by Alister Scott
  3. Techniques for consumer driven contract testing by ThoughtWorks

I'm hoping to see some of you at the Quality Day tomorrow. If you have any questions regarding our IoT platform or QA practices in IoT, reach out!

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