Why Android Developers Should Get on Board the IoT Revolution

Posted by Paul Aragones on 4/18/18 1:01 PM

IoT and the Android World

When IoT came on the scene some years back, there were a lot of concerns raised about whether this would kill or lessen the use of mobile technology. But it turns out that this was the complete opposite of what was about to happen. IoT has come to rely heavily on mobile technology. Tracking Sensors are using mobile phones to communicate with their devices. Smart locks are using BLE technology through smartphones to lock and unlock devices.

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IoT for Christmas: your own DIY kit

Posted by Karolina on 12/21/17 4:00 PM

Christmas is a time when we reunite with our loved ones. What if you live on the other side of the globe or are stuck on a work project away from home? Why not use the latest technology to feel closer to your friends and family.

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Learnings from the Geeny's first internal hackathon

Posted by Diego on 12/5/17 2:00 PM

Last Wednesday we finally had an opportunity to run our very first internal hackathon that helped us learn more about the platform and how we work together. Not only we ended up with 4 amazing demos but we got to work with people from other teams and we had a lot of fun!

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QA: best practices in IoT

Posted by Nils Balkow-Tychsen on 11/28/17 4:00 PM

On Wednesday the 29th of November I’m going to talk at the ASQF Quality Day Berlin about implementing test strategies for Geeny, our consumer IoT cloud platform.

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An Introduction to Geeny Formulas

Posted by Brian Lemke on 11/10/17 3:20 PM

With the recent launch of Geeny’s Formula Deployment feature, developers can now push their applications to our platform and use our APIs to consume data streams from a variety of connected devices — even if they don’t know about each other.

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Explaining IoT to your Parents

Posted by Julius Patzelt on 8/10/17 11:54 AM

After my fourthjob interview at Geeny and finally clinching that coveted position, it suddenly dawned upon me that the even bigger challenge still laid ahead of me. I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents when they asked me what exactly it is that I’m going to be doing at work. 

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How to successfully run and measure your crowdfunding campaign

Posted by Karolina on 6/2/17 5:13 PM

Ready to face the music and validate your innovative idea? You might want to consider running a crowdfunding campaign. It is a great way to simultaneously raise money and conduct market research.

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