With data as the “new oil”, we should all aspire to be Norway

Posted by Lars Heidemann on 5/24/18 6:14 PM

By any measure, Norway is a small country. They are a country of only just over five million inhabitants. Due to luck, a huge wealth of natural resources was discovered within their territory. Through good planning Norway has been able to parley the extreme good fortune of local oil resources into a social system which has benefitted all of their citizens. It’s not surprising that as a result Norway has one of the highest happiness scores in the world.

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Why Android Developers Should Get on Board the IoT Revolution

Posted by Paul Aragones on 4/18/18 1:01 PM

IoT and the Android World

When IoT came on the scene some years back, there were a lot of concerns raised about whether this would kill or lessen the use of mobile technology. But it turns out that this was the complete opposite of what was about to happen. IoT has come to rely heavily on mobile technology. Tracking Sensors are using mobile phones to communicate with their devices. Smart locks are using BLE technology through smartphones to lock and unlock devices.

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Unlock IoT data and unleash the potential of IoT

Posted by Hanna on 7/31/17 4:07 PM

 Forecasts for the consumer IoT sector have long promised huge amounts of data coming from new and glitzy smart consumer devices. From smart light bulbs and smart locking systems to our beloved fitness trackers, most of these devices have already become a part of our daily lives. So why hasn't the sector boomed? 

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